A little about me…

I’ve been thinking that my posts, while are passing on things and knowledge that I find important and want to share, they aren’t very personal. You haven’t gotten to know ME. Here’s a peek into my life, right now…

While the stork has taken a pass on us this month, it’s got me thinking about my attitude towards being pregnant again. While I am probably more disheartened than I am even allowing myself to feel, I am taking my emotions in strides. Now that I am back in school studying to be a Nurse, I feel more informed about my body and the process it goes through during pregnancy. I won’t say it was all good. I’ll admit to tears streaming down my face in my Human Growth & Development class during a lecture on Genetic abnormalities, remembering our daughter Emma and suffering a minor panic attack which I hadn’t had in a long long time. Let me just say, Thank God no one noticed. At the same time I know I’ve reconciled with Emma’s death and the subsequent joyful birth of Ava. Each lecture brings almost a sociological learning about the process of creating a human being. It’s not just the simple egg meets sperm, or other way around if you like. It’s also about your lifestyle, the environment you live in, the care you take in yourself too. I almost want to say taking Human Growth & Development and even Anatomy & Physiology should be a pre-requisite for being a parent. I think I sometimes trust even the basics to my doctors. They use big words and ask you to trust them and why shouldn’t you? But at the same time, I feel it’s your body and you’re responsible for this womb that will be carrying your child, you should take the effort to actually understand what the doctor is saying. It is a little hard dealing with reality and I hate to dwell in the past, it sometimes it’s helpful in creating a better future. So while we grew up on J&J Baby Shampoo, we’ve learned our kids shouldn’t (unless they change the formula) and microwaving certain plastics (although I’d err on the side of any) leaches dangerous chemicals and toxins our kids shouldn’t be exposed to… If I’ve learned anything from my class is that we are at the top of the food chain because we live and we learn… Our body really is a wonderland! The process of being pregnant is an amazing one. Class lesson alert! Even if morning sickness is something we wish we could do without, I was amazed to learn it’s the body’s nature defense against terotogens. The foods we are most adverse to are the ones with the most potential for terotogens that could be harmful to the fetus. Amazing!

So while I’m a little sad that I’m not pregnant this month… trying to look on the brighter side of things, I thought to myself, hey if it didn’t “take” this month, I’ve got a good two weeks to eat sushi to my hearts content. Hey, it’s got good Omega-3 Fatty Acids, better for brain development!

Will you join me on this road to Baby #2?

About Suzanne Chan

Suzanne is student, daughter, wife, (labor & delivery) certified registered nurse, certified lactation counselor, friend, entrepreneur and blogger – but the job she's most proud of is mother… She shares her journey on this blog and The Disney Files. Read more about her here.


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