Coke as Medicine?!

The concept of the politically correct organic coke comes from the brilliant Koert Van Mensvoort. This is a joke people, don’t go asking your neighborhood grocer when they will be stocking Organic Coke. The idea of a healthier soft drink is amusing at most. I remember chuckling when Sprite came out with their All Natural marketing campaign. But for those who know the origins of Coca-cola, it was intended to be used as a cough suppressant. In fact some “old-school” people still do – my mother in law included. Her remedy for a tough cough is a concoction of coke and ginger… boiled and drank like a tea… her remedy for a stomach ache includes drinking lots of ginger ale – hrmmm… And yes I drink them both when told to – why?! – cause she’s my mother-in-law! (me thinks I should send her my dental bill) Koert Van Mensvoort’s evolution of Coke is interesting in showing how Diet Coke Plus is actually bringing Coke’s original intention of a health drink full circle. I still won’t drink Diet though…

Love the graphics Koert!

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