Air Car!

This post comes courtesy from my websurfing Dad. He found this cool new/old toy — The Air Car!

The original idea was concieved in 1932 by J.M. Custer of Piggott, Arkansas. Using compressed air, he used an engine that resembled a radial airplane motor in appearance. Occupying the same space as a standard gasoline motor, it powered the car for 500 miles at a speed of 35 miles an hour.

This “old” technology is now resurfacing in the US thanks to Magnetic Air Cars, Inc., who is developing an air-powered prototype car in Silicon Valley. They believe that their design will be sufficient to power a modern new vehicle, or retrofit a used vehicle — even a large SUV or truck.

Already set to go into commercial production onto the streets of India, the Air Car, by Luxembourg-based Moteur Developement Int. (MDI) also runs on compressed air technology.


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  • Marlen

    what a cool concept if it really works – imagine all the airs can we use now to blow dust away at our keyboards. hahaha! atleast gas prices are dropping for now.


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