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It’s Just You & Me #TargetWedding #Sponsored


It’s hard to believe that my husband and I have been married for almost 10 years.  That’s a LONG time.  In 10 years you can fall into a routine with your partner, you can also get too comfortable with one another.  After 3 kids, my husband and I now cherish the few and far between alone time we get.  We are fortunate enough to have family that help with childcare so we can take a quick getaway.  These getaways are a great way to rewind and remember why we fell in love in the first place.  Of course I always […]

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Simple Teachings about Simple Giving #SIMPLEGiving


I’ve been having an ongoing lesson with my children on being charitable.  If there is anything that I want my children to learn, it’s to be charitable.  In recent years I’ve learned that being charitable reaps multitudes of rewards.  I am a strong believer in karma and what you put out is what you get in return.  Whenever I get the chance to impart the wisdom of charity in its many forms, I accept it. It’s so simple to be charitable and Champions for Kids has partnered up with Dole to encourage community projects across the country benefiting children in […]

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Are you ready for the New School Year?!


For the last 10 months I have been tutoring an amazing 7-year-old, aka the Little Miss, who just needed a little extra encouragement to get her work done and work to her fullest potential. Much of the work we did was homework handouts, spelling words, and reading. Once school was out, it was my job to figure out how to keep the learning fun. I was grateful to discover the new game “Are You Ready For 2nd Grade?” which kept the spirit of summer with a sprinkling of learning. I don’t know who was more excited, the tutor or the […]

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Lands’ End Passes the Test with Flying Colors #FirstDayFaves


Over the last few years, Lands End had become one of my absolute favorite brands.  For my family, it’s not just about style but also quality and Lands’ End is quality.  With 4 very active children, I need clothing and items that can withstand anything.  They are my go-to for Back to School basics. The Little Miss wears uniforms to school and  I stock up for the entire year with their School Uniform Girls’ Perfect Fit Plain Front Stain Resistant Chino Pants, School Uniform Girls’ Blend Chino Skort and their sweet Peter Pan collared shirts, both short and long sleeve.  With almost […]

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Back to Basics and Back to School with Fruit of the Loom #TGIBTS


Going back to school is always an exciting time of the year.  My kids are always filled with anticipation, endless questions about what the new year will bring.  This year is particular is huge for my Marcus.  It will be his very first year at full-day school.  He is simply beyond excited.  He has watched his sister go to school since the day he was born, dropping her off at daycare, starting Pre-K.  He has walked the school halls many times, wishing for the day he was big old enough to be in full-day school just like his sister.  Over […]

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REVIEW: The Too Smart Joovy Too Fold #joovycool


I’ve tested (played) with my fair share of strollers and after awhile the things that set them apart is few and far between.  Maybe a little difference here and there. It’s a wonder when a stroller truly makes you step back and say, now that is different.  Cue in the Joovy TooFold.   We’ve been longtime fans of Joovy and their beautifully intuitively designed products and the Joovy TooFold doesn’t disappoint.  I don’t mind a stroller that’s a looker and the Joovy TooFold is definitely a looker.  I’ve been stopped by many people asking me which stroller is this, and I’ve […]

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A New Approach to Capture Life’s Precious Moments with #meetBEMO by @Logitech

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With the ever growing capability of social media to record and broadcast life’s big moments, there is the need to capture these events in the fastest, easiest way possible.  Most of us, including myself, are able to simply pull out our mobile phones and open the camera or video camera within the phone and ‘snap’ away.  This isn’t much of a challenge, and it seems to be the quick and easy method to capture these moments, but for users like myself, this often takes up a ton of memory on our mobile phones.  With the amount of videos I take on […]

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Want to be a Hunger Hero?! #HungerHeroes

Be a Hunger Hero logo

Before you get all confused, I am working with Champions for Kids on two projects this summer.  That’s because this amazing organization, Champions for Kids is committed to and dedicated to making it simple to give children in local communities the resources they need to thrive.   I always love ways to foster a habit of giving in my children.  It’s a mantra that I live by and try to share every day.  That’s why I love Champions for Kids, their core values are simple, yet profound, and drive their efforts to “mobilize millions” to help children – All children should have: Someone […]

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