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Be Well with Amwell #MomsLoveAmwell


As a healthcare provider, the possibilities of this FREE Amwell app are amazing. I couldn’t wait to try out this Amwell app but with my one visit, I wasn’t sure what service I wanted to utilize.  With options to remotely speak to primary care, diet and nutrition as well as psychology or doctors locally specializing in primary care, therapy, dermatology, or pediatrics with open office hours, there was so many choices. Until I had no choice.  Now I am completely obsessed with this app and can’t stop telling everyone about my experience. Yesterday, I was in meetings all day long. […]

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12 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is Cooler than your Phone #VZWBuzz


It’s a sexy beast! Right out of the box, its a thing of beauty with its gorgeous aluminum body which boasts to be 1.7 times stronger, 1.3 times more scratch-resistant than standard aluminum. and you know that Samsung pulled out all the stops to create a phone that truly stands out. WHAT WE LOVE Pro Camera Mode – Increasingly my phone is becoming my primary camera as I make a stronger effort to document more of those memorable moments with my kids. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not only boast amazing rear 16MP camera and a solid 5MP front-facing camera  but it comes […]

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Keurig Cool with KOLD


One of the best inventions in the world and in my kitchen is my Keurig brewer.  We love K-pods!  There is something for everyone in our house from the coffee addict dad, tea loving mom, to the hot chocolate loving daughter. But our Keurig brewer does more than fuel our daily hot drink needs, our Keurig is always the star of our get togethers. We always put together a festive “drink bar” with our carousel of choices, festive mugs and drink accessories. Our guests always loves the huge selection we put out from Irish coffee, hazelnut, french vanilla, earl grey […]

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Aquaphor Introduces Diaper Rash Cream and More!


As a nurse, who washes her hands multiple times a day, I have tried many brands of many moisturizers in attempt to keep my hands from becoming cracked and dry. Time and time again, I find that one brand has proven to be the most reliable for helping me keep my hands smooth. That brand is Aquaphor. Having recently celebrated 90 years of success, there is little doubt that Aquaphor has proven to provide their customers with products that work. When I was informed that they are now catering to the littlest of consumers, I was more than willing to […]

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Pop the Corn! #LifeOnFiOS


One thing you’d never think you’d hear out of my mouth… I found a FREE hour!  Yep!  It’s Daylight Savings Time people! We’re gaining ONE whole hour this weekend!  So what are you going to do with this freebie?! It’s the perfect time to catch up on your favorite series ON DEMAND or watch that movie you never got around to seeing in the theaters or even just watching an oldie but goodie! What a stroke of good fortune that Daylight Savings Time coincides with Halloween for those who want to prolong this holiday, indulge a bit more in those […]

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5 Tips for a Safe Halloween #VZWBuzz

Halloween Treats

If your child is old enough to go Trick or Treating on their own, they’re probably old enough to own their own phones.  This is where I definitely think having one is a good thing. This Halloween and any Halloween, ensure your kids have a safe and fun Halloween with these simple tips. Make sure your child’s phone is fully charged. Seems obvious and yet not always the case! Pre-program ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers into your child’s phone and make sure they know how to call it. Set alarms to give them reminders to check in and even […]

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The Boomers Keep On Booming! #AgingWell

Grandma and Lukie

This generation of Grandparents are awe inspiring.  Gone are the days of sitting at home baking and gardening.  My children’s grandparents are some of the most active grandparents I know.  Before my mother in law had cancer she was a vibrant and social grandmother.  She wasn’t one to sit around and wait to babysit my kids. We were often finding ourselves working around her busy social schedule of trips, mah jong games and dancing. This generation of seniors are “Boomers”! They don’t want anything slowing them down.  They are vibrant and energetic, matching my kid’s energy and enthusiasm for life […]

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Get Ready To Celebrate Because Boo at the Zoo is Back! @BronxZoo

Fall is officially in gear, which means it’s time for some of our favorite things – pumpkin-flavored treats, apple picking, and of course, Halloween! It’s never too early to start planning the perfect spooky costume, or tricky outing. At the top of our list is the Bronx Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo. Starting October 3rd, our favorite event is back every weekend in October! Boo at the Zoo is THE destination for family friendly fun for Halloween. To help get ready for the festivities, I chatted with my five-year-old about some very serious subjects: animals. (Click to watch video here). Spoiler alert: […]

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