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What is a Dual Band Router and Why Do You Need One? #LifeOnFiOS


Take inventory of all your wireless devices in your home and you might be surprised at how many devices are competing for your router bandwidth.  Finding your download speeds or internet connection a little slow?  Perhaps your streaming video seems all of sudden to need a lot more time buffering.  It may be all related to what kind of router you have. With the FiOS Quantum Gateway, you get dual-band technology that allows your family to use both high and low bandwidth tasks like checking email and streaming movies simultaneously. 2.4GHz is one of the most widely used bandwidths for […]

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3 Reasons to Switch to Verizon Edge Now #VZWBuzz

Droid Turbo

I’ll admit it took a bit of a learning curve to understand the Verizon Edge program.  Being ever the addict to the latest gadget, I’ve been so use incessantly checking when I am due for an upgrade (every 2 years) or even taking another phone on my account’s upgrade for my own use. But I’ve hit a wall.  Recently my mother-in-law, under going chemo and radiation therapy damaged her phone and needed a new one ASAP. Not just any phone, an iPhone. You see her primary language is Chinese and iPhones are the most language friendly phones on the market […]

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Groovin to Your Own Beat with Crayola DJ


Little Miss Ava and I got a chance to check out the new Crayola DJ app. From the creativity kings, Crayola is switching things up with a cool and unique music creation app for kids ages 6-10 years old, making them the DJ! There is over 100 exclusive tracks created by professionals DJs with 5 different types of music styles including Hip Hop, Pop and Dance. The app has zero learning curve. When you first start there is a navigator that helps you get started and acquainted with all the different features. Ava had no trouble mixing multiple tracks simultaneously and no […]

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It’s a Snap with Peapod!

dinner courtesy of Peapod - Organic Chicken Wings

It’s no secret, I’m a busy girl. I’m always running around, it’s always GO GO GO! One thing I do several times a week is grocery shop. Yes several times a week as I’m always forgetting something. With’s recent expansion into the 5 boroughs of New York City, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier and grocery shopping online with was right up my alley. Just an example of the craziness in my life, just as I was winding down for the night, I realized I forgot to place my order on  I thought […]

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How to Be the Best Patient: Give the Doctor What He Wants #VZWBuzz


Right now my littlest one has pneumonia and its such a sad sight to see him like this. He’s battling a fever with runny nose and a cough that sometimes turns into vomiting.  All I want to do is snuggle with him and make him feel better. Usually by this time my home is a mess. I’ve got thermometers every where (Type A mom that needs several readings each time), I’m always scrambling to find a piece of paper to quickly jot down what his temp is and if, what medications I gave him.  What results is little random scraps […]

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Looking Towards a Healthier Future!

Volunteers build a brand new playground at Calvert Elementary School on Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014, in Houston. The playground project was made possible by Let's Play, a community partnership led by Dr Pepper Snapple Group to encourage kids and families to get active, with partner organization KaBOOM!. (Photo by Eric Kayne/Invision for Dr Pepper Snapple Group/AP Images)

I’ve been on a major overhaul of my health and if you haven’t done the same, I beg of you to start.  It’s sad that it took my mother-in-law being diagnosed with cancer for my family to completely overhaul our lifestyle. Yes, that’s right, my heart problem and my penchant for passing out randomly didn’t kick us into gear, neither did my boys allergies.  We always found fast food work arounds and would make small changes here and there, but nothing significant and sadly nothing that stuck.  It’s a huge wake-up call to be diagnosed with cancer, a disease by definition […]

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REVIEW: Inglesina Net Stroller & Skip Hop Grab and Go Saddlebag


Always on the search for the perfect system for travel, I was thrilled to check out the Inglesina Net stroller and the Skip Hop Grab and Go Saddlebag on our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  With all that walking around, maneuvering around crowds, exploring and so much more, you know it was the perfect testing ground. I’ve been a fan of the Inglesina brand for a while now and they are well known for their quality strollers and we are huge lovers of Skip Hop in our home from diaper bags to toys.  The Inglesina Net stroller and the Skip Hop Grab […]

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How to Avoid the Mother’s Day Gift Cliché


As a mom I have to admit, I kinda dread mother’s day.  I’m not really all about the fuss, the candy, the flowers. I don’t need a thanks for doing what I love more than anything, being a mom. So while many moms are wishing for a morning they can sleep in, or a day without their children, I’m wishing for a fun filled day with my kids, of course minus the chores. Alas, I’m always asked what’s my recommendations for Mother’s Day Gifts aside from the obvious choices, so here it goes, my thoughts on how to avoid the […]

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 One of these kids is my dad who my son is a dead ringer for. The one we thought must have been switched at birth, he's too cute. #mindblown #mysterysolved  When I grow up... #fieldday #GoBlue  Obsessed with the relay race. #GoBlue  They're coming! @pixarinsideout #DisneySMMC #insideout  She needed a little hug. #sadness #insideout #DisneySMMC @disneystore
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