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5 Apps for Tech-loving Foodies #VZWBuzz


There are a zillion apps that cater to foodies, but what gets to stay on the homescreen on your mobile phone is the true test. Here are 5 of my favorite food reference apps of all time: One of the coolest apps I’ve come across is Wineglass [$4.99 on iOS].  I admit I’m not a big wine drinker, but my husband and his friends are.  Wanting not to look stupid at a restaurant simply always ordering the house wine, Wineglass makes wine pairing as easy as scanning the wine list with your phone and populates with ratings and reviews as well […]

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FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide and How to Replace a Broken Remote #LifeOnFiOS


Very wisely, over the years as a long time Verizon FiOS customer, I have kept every remote control despite other equipment upgrades.  Hey I’ve got 3 children and let me tell you, “Where’s the remote?” is a question asked frequently in my home (or more often shouted in distress!).  I have to say, almost 7 years later and probably 6 or more remotes later, we’re reached a point where only 1 remote control works for 3 set-top boxes.  As you can well imagine, that is a NO BUENO!  In fact I’m convinced there is a 2nd if not a 3rd […]

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REVIEW: LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard Fun


You know when the iPad has become old news to your children that it must be pretty awesome.  While my kids are definitely fans, I think the parentals are the ones who are most happy with this new addition to our tablet family.  Our children’s screen time does tip on the more time than many would agree with but providing educational play is key for us.  With the iPad, my husband and I found complete lack of control over the content our children were engaging with and whether or not they are age appropriate for  them.  Our children span ages […]

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Share Your Memories with @RealTimes (GIVEAWAY: Win $100 Visa giftcard!)


A recent survey held by RealNetworks reveals Moms’ attitudes and habits regarding digital photography.  The results of this survey are quite fascinating.  The survey polled parents of kids under 18 who take pictures of their family on their smartphones.  This is what they found: 62% of moms said the worst thing about losing their smartphones would be to lose all of their family photos 40% of moms never like the way they look in family photo 25% of moms would rather have nude photos leaked than lose all of their family photos 76% of moms wish that the had the time […]

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The World as Your Classroom #TMOM #WhereNext?

ready to travel

One of the things I most wanted to do when I had kids was show them the world.  Not even show them the world, but to experience it with them. I didn’t travel much as a child and the farthest I went with my family was a 2-day road trip to Florida. All I knew of the world was from books, magazines, TV and the occasional tales from friends. It all sounded marvelous and I swore that my life will be filled with travel and my children’s lives as well. Fast forward to today, 3 kids later and although our […]

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Get Ready for Harvest Festival at the @BronxZoo

Those summer days are finally coming to an end and back-to-school season is in full swing. September has always been one of my favorite months of the year, as the weather is perfect, the leaves are just beginning to change and fall is just around the corner. In NYC, September is also hands-down, THE BEST month to visit the Bronx Zoo! The animals are much more active and engaged with their surroundings and the overall scenery of the zoo is breathtaking to see this time of year. The Bronx Zoo invites families to join them in their celebration of the […]

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My UltraShape Story – Part 4: It’s All Up to You Now!


Read Part I: Read Part II: Read Part III: Admittedly this is over a month since my last UltraShape treatment… and the results… AMAZING!  I have been asked by so many people if I recommend this treatment. It is an emphatic YES!  In fact, in a few weeks you will be seeing some of my blogger friends take that leap of faith. Since I started, I had already lost 10 lbs and was a svelte 127 from simply eating better and exercising more.  Finishing up the UltraShape treatment, I vary  from 116 – 118 lbs, which was last seen […]

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A Few Little Tips For Those Back to School Nerves (for Parents) – with help from @PlanetBox and @MissionBeltCo

Everyone has been getting ready for back-to-school week, and today, the day that we’ve all been anticipating is upon us.  For some of you, it’s already a routine that you’re used to – you’ve been down this road before. For my five-year-old (and his parents), this is a whole new journey that we are about to embark on. While my child has been in daycare and preschool up until now, kindergarten seems like a milestone that he is better prepared for then I am. Soon it will be all about meal planning, dress codes, school supply lists and scheduling for me. For my […]

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 Amazing views from the new bridge... Love the details.  Just some of the @leapfrogofficial fun happening in my home this morning. #leapfrogmomsquad  The @megabloks #firstbuilders #blockscoopingwagon is the #megablokswagon on steroids! My kids would LOVE this! (Makes for a fun and easy clean up too). #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015  The #UltimateGarage from @mattel is the ultimate gift for the holidays. @ttpmofficial #hotwheels #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015  This is a MUST have toy for 2015! #viewmaster #mattel @mattel @ttpmofficial #HolidayShowcase2015
 Had our own private @rundisney run this morning...  Love the double take I get with my @onlycoin #onlycoin #vip  I know A little boy who would be thrilled to unwrap this this holiday season! #TurboFlipThomas #ThomasAndFriends @thomasandfriends @fisherprice @ttpmofficial #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015  One of my favorites when I was younger is now available for my kids! They even have smaller options - perfect for stocking stuffers this year. I can't tell you how excited I am!! @colorformsbrand #colorforms #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015 @ttpmofficial  They're baaaack!!!! Perfect for the holidays! #HolidayShowcase2015 #cabbagepatchkids #ttpm @wicked_cool_toys
 We are just loving loving our new @leapfrogofficial toy! #leapfrogmomsquad  A perfect addition to the @leapfrogofficial family is the all new #Epic tablet. A must have for the kiddos. #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015 #leapfrog #leapfrogmomsquad  @fisherprice has gone BIG this year with the #UltraTRex. Perfect for toddlers this year!! @imaginext_toys #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015  These are perfect for the creative kids in your life! @horizonmediainc #justmystyle #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015 @ttpmofficial  Comes with or without a tank and is perfect for the holidays. @littlelivepets @moose_toys #ttpm #HolidayShowcase2015 @ttpmofficial