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REVIEW: What about BOB (Revolution Duallie)!

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So being a mom of 2 little ones (one of them a newborn) can certainly be overwhelming, to say the least. Between the bottles, meal preps, endless diapers and uncoordinated nap times, planning an exercise regimen for myself seemed close to impossible. I had all these great intentions… I will go the gym and take classes while the babies are in their childcare program at least 3 times a week I will use the treadmill or elliptical that I have in my basement while they nap(ha! Like they will ever nap at the same time) or I will get up […]

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Get Hands On with your iPad and the OSMO Genius Kit


If there’s one thing my kids are addicted to it’s their iPad much to the chagrin of their parents. Everyone is worried about too much screen time and not enough of hands-on learning. The  award-winning OSMO iPad Gaming System was a game changer.  It changes the way children interact with their iPad by opening it up to hands-on play and we are absolutely obsessed at our house.  It is so loved, I actually have to hide OSMO as soon as we are done with “supervised” playing, lest we lose some of those valuable pieces that makes OSMO well… OSMO. The games are […]

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ANAPHYLAXIS: We’re All at Risk


There has been a lot of focus on anaphylaxis in the news thanks to Mylan’s NOT recent, but gradual price hikes to a shocking approximate $750 per prescription. While that is horrifying and a reality for many families, I am fortunate enough to work for a wonderful healthcare system which covers my 2 sons’ prescriptions.  Between the 2 of them, we always have on hand 4 prescriptions at any given time. Given Marcus’ history alone, with his over 2 dozen life threatening reactions that have required the use of the epi-pen jr, it’s heartbreaking to know that this start of […]

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Ready, Set, Go! Getting Kids Prepared for the New School Year!


It’s hard to believe summer is almost over! Many have already gone back to school, but mine are just shy of 2 weeks away from their start.  This year is particularly bittersweet with my last one, Lucas, Age 3, off to his first school year in Nursery. He couldn’t be more excited. He’s been walked through, and walked through those school halls since he was born. If he had his way he would have been in school years ago! One of the biggest questions has been, will he be ready? I recently introduced him to the Lakeshore Magic Board, a […]

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Best Buy’s Tech Home Opens It’s Doors Today at the Mall of America!

Tech Home

I’m super excited about the new Tech Home built by Best Buy which is opening TODAY at the Mall of America in Minneapolis!!! Best Buy has brought to life the latest in home technology at their Tech Home in the Mall of America where customers can touch and try the latest technology products in a homelike environment. There is so many amazing technology out right now from brands like Samsung, Canon, NETGEAR, Philips Hue, Sony, Sonos, and Savant, that can that help to create that connected home.  In fact it’s a little overwhelming and visualizing how that technology will work in your […]

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A Whole New Way to Fight off the Mosquitos with PARA’KITO @parakitoUSA


Summer is in full swing and that means lots of summer concerts, camping, hiking and of course, tons of outdoor play.  Being outdoors is a given in this warm weather.  My family enjoys being outside until long after the sun has gone down.  Together we run through sprinklers, go on long bike rides and catch fireflies at sunset.  We have endless thoughts of perfectly quaint family outings and barbeques and out adventures are always seemingly picture perfect.  Summer fun seems like it comes without flaws or without nuisances.  What our happy pictures don’t show are the little things that can […]

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Adorn your home with The Adorne Collection by Legrand


It’s no secret, I do not LOVE my house. We purchased this home, over 10 years ago now, out of practicality and my husband’s need to remain close to his family. We LITERALLY moved right next door to his sister and around the corner from his parents.  Being that there are only 2 houses on the block, you could say we have a little bit of a COMPOUND. My former boss and Kennedy family member use to joke with me that I had the Chan Compound and he, affectionately, had the Kennedy Compound. It still tickles me when I think […]

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Chores in the Digital Age #VZWBuzz

From morning to night.

If you didn’t get the news flash…my daughter got an iPhone for her 9th birthday. I still have mixed emotions about it, and may go on a bit of a rant here, but there is some legitimate and valid arguments from both my husband and daughter. She was definitely getting more social, many of her friends at school already had phones and she was getting left out of conversations and messages, also Verizon’s new plans which just rolled out giving us more data with carry over making it perfect timing. With our upcoming trip to Mexico, the included plan access […]

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