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Holiday Fun at Great Wolf Lodge #GreatWolfNYC #TMOM


Added to our bucket list is a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  My kids and I were recently guests at an exclusive Great Wolf Lodge Holiday Pop-Up in New York City where we got a chance to experience some of the Great Wolf magic. Starting with Howl-O-Ween, Great Wolf Lodge has all sorts of fun celebrations including crafts and Trick or Treating too!  We hear there is a monster-themed dance party and they end the night at Great Wolf Lodge with some boo-bit scary stories! During December, Great Wolf Lodge is transformed into a winter wonderland where it snows even indoor! […]

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Slowing down the Electronic Noise


This year I am making a conscious effort to cut down the electronic noise in my house.  What is electronic noise? All those devices you can’t seem to live without – cellphone, iPad, Kindle, DS, Wii, Xbox, computer.  I know, SHOCKING for this social media mom who is never far from her phone and computer, who is always on Facebook, instagram and twitter. Why you ask?  I started noticing my children were very hyper.  If there weren’t hyper, it was a problem… for them.  They needed constant stimulation.  They craved it.  Always wanting the TV turned on, wondering if the iPad […]

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Are Your Ready to Rock with the Hard Rock Roxtars?!


Are your kids ready to rock? Hard Rock Cafe and Hard Rock International had your little rock stars in mind when they brought the Hard Rock Roxtars into the mix. The Roxtars are the five new additions to the Hard Rock family and they are their own brand of cool characters, ready to inspire rock stars of all ages. Band members include Razzi-on the keyboard, Sir Kingston-playing lead guitar, Styler – the free spirited accompanying guitarist, Buddy Jr. – the wild drummer (and my son’s new favorite), and Skiddley- the lead singer and the “Mr. Cool” of the group. To launch […]

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Walk (RED) this Halloween with Nike and Bank of America


I have been on such a health kick, it really is infectious… of the good nature.  My new favorite fitness activity is running.  I was sad when my #MiracleMarathon ended.  I’ve kept up my running, but wanted it to mean something.  Cue in Walk (RED). From school costume parades to trick or treating around the neighborhood, Halloween is the most “walkable” holiday. We log some serious miles accompanying our children from door to door so they can fill up their candy bags. This year, parents can make every one of those steps count because of a partnership between Bank of […]

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Putting My Best Self Forward #FashForward


Anyone who knows me, knows that I struggle with being a fashionable mom.  It’s not an innate part of me, and on most days I’m trying to pull off a casual chic look (most often failing).  But I know it’s achievable!  I look up to moms like Audrey McClelland – a serious fashionista with 5 kids!  I think we all were so thrilled when her 5th child was a girl, all that fashion sensibility has to be passed on to one of course!  Vera Sweeney, who seriously I could believe she wakes up that beautiful every morning, lucky girl.  Then […]

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Light Up your Halloween with @Energizer #PoweringSafety


I never celebrated Halloween as a kid.  My parents did not understand this American tradition.  With ghost and goblins, skeletons, spiders and witches, as symbolic icons and a neighborhood filled with teenage kids up to no good, egging cars and homes all around, and rumors of hypodermic needles hidden in Halloween candy,  it was no wonder why they feared this holiday and had us pretending we weren’t home that one night a year.  What’s a kids to say when their parents vehemently did not allow Halloween celebrations of any sorts?  The fun and joy of the holiday wasn’t lost on […]

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Solving the Mystery around Fire Safety


Just in time for Fire Safety Week, the National Fire Protection Association launches another amazing interactive app made just for kids called, The Case of the Missing Fire Alarms. Kids all around the country are learning about fire safety in school, and hopefully at home as well, but we all know repetition is a powerful learning tool. While we hope never to encounter a fire in our lifetime, safety is key.  This app reinforces the importance of fire safety in a fun way.  Not only is this an educational app, teaching our children about fire safety, specifically the importance of fire […]

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Preparing Your Family in the Event of an Emergency with Sesame Workshop and PSE&G


Hurricane Katrina. Superstorm Sandy. House fires. Tornados. Flooding. Natural disasters can strile when we least expect them, and even when warned, not everyone is prepared. In 2013, more than 85 nationally declared emergencies including hurricanes, tornados, floods and fires were recorded, and yet, according to a national survey, 60% of families in the U.S. still do not have any emergency plan. That is a very scary statistic to wrap my head around. Sesame Workshop and PSE&G have seen firsthand that there is a lack of engaging, family-oriented material to support the development of preparation strategies for emergencies, especially within families […]

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