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REVIEW: Kung Fu Panda 3 #FandangoFamily


This weekend the kids and I hosted a massive playdate at the movies for opening weekend of Kung Fu Panda 3.  That’s 3 moms and their kids, a little chaotic but oh so much fun! Rating: PG Moviegoers: Mom – 37, Ava – 8, Marcus – 6, Tyler – 9, Gabriel – 5, Alex – 3, Christian – 6, Shabana (mom) – 32, Fariha (mom) – 35 Family faves: Big Hero 6 still dominates as the fave in this house, Transylvania 2 and the Rio series Fave movies for grown-ups: Cocktails, The Usual Suspects, Good Will Hunting What’s the story: Maybe we’re on a […]

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FiOS TV to Go #LifeOnFiOS #Minute50


It certainly pays to be a FiOS customer. Have you heard the latest and greatest news about the FiOS Mobile app? Starting last month, FiOS Quantum customers can watch (nearly all) their recorded shows while on the go! This is a total game changer for me! I obsessively DVR all my favorite shows. I never get to watch them when they air whether it’s because I’m putting the kids to sleep, or at my school. It’s quite sad when my DVR announces to me that it is almost at capacity because I’m so behind on catching up.  This has all […]

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When “We’re Not Ready” because “We Must” #VZWBuzz


My daughter has been asking for a cellphone ever since she laid her hands on my iPhone (at the tender age of 2). At 2 years old, “You’re too little”. At 3 years old, “Still too little!” At 4 years old, “Yep, still too little!” At 5 years old, “What does a 5 year old need a cellphone for?” At 6 years old, “Your aunt bought you an iPad, you’re welcome.” At 7 years old after being told her friends have cellphones, “and if they said to jump off a bridge, would you?” At 8 years old… “You win.” I […]

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Fitness Goals


It’s 2016 and I’m back. Following my foot injury which not only hurt me physically, it also majorly effected me mentally. I slumped back into my fitness funk, packed on some wonderful holiday weight which I have zero guilt about because it was DELICIOUS! But it’s time to get serious again. Getting on that scale the other day and seeing it tip way more than I expected was horrifying. Yes I know I’ve got body image issues, but we’ve all got things we don’t like about ourselves and for me it continues to be my mid region and more recently […]

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#FandangoFamily Spoiler Free Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Rating: PG-13 Running time: 2 hour, 16 minutes Moviegoers: Mom, 37; Dad, 38; Ava, 8; Marcus, 6 Family movie faves: Descendents, Incredibles, Transylvania 2, Madagascar, Big Hero 6 Fave movies for grown-ups: Love Actually, Cocktails and all Star Wars Movies What’s the story: Oh there will be no spoilers from this review!!! What parents may like about this movie: We loved getting reacquainted with some of our old friends and seeing where they are “now”. What kids will like: We love BB-8!  He’s so cute and loyal! We love how he just follows Rey and wants to complete his mission. We also loved […]

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Go Nuts over Wonderful Pistachios! #GetCrackin


The only time I get cooking is around the holidays but of years late, my dishes have gone on repeat and lack the luster they use to bring.  It was definitely time to add some new dishes to my holiday repertoire. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love pistachios but there is so much more to this nut than just salt roasted crack ready versions and of  course pistachio ice cream.  I had no idea how versatile and festive this nut could be and after a fun night with the team at Wonderful Pistachios and My Cooking Party, I can’t […]

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Educational Gaming With @LeapFrogOfficial #LeapTV #LeapFrogMomSquad


I’ve been reluctant to introduce gaming systems to my kids for the longest time.  Sure they can navigate my smart phone better than me at this point, and even my three-year-old knows how to swipe into whatever app he is interested in playing, but my husband and I really try to limit TV time with our children and video gaming through the TV seemed to be a mind-numbing activity that I was hoping to keep far away from our household. When my five-year-old heard (through the ‘kindergarten grape vine’) about something called #LeapTV, it was all he could talk about. […]

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It’s a Merry Merry Baby’s First Christmas!


I can’t believe my Marcus is turning 6 years old in just a few days! It seems like just yesterday I was telling myself I wasn’t in labor because it was simply too early.  I even managed to sit and breath through breakfast with my daughter and husband before asking to be dropped off at the hospital just to be checked out.  I remember being so sure that they would just watch me for a few hours and then send me on home. At exactly 36 weeks he decided to make an earlier arrival and what an entrance he made! […]

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 Everything is AWESOME! #LDCWestchester #theLEGOmovie4D  Intense Lego built racing going down at #LDCWestchester #theLEGOmovie4D  Finding #om at the #astorcourt at the @metmuseum #classtrip  Yum... You ditched this @jtong81   While baby is home sleeping, having lunch with chicken nugget #2.
 Had the best time at #LDCWestchester #theLEGOmovie4D  6 and they've got the too cool for school move down pat. #theLEGOmovie4D #LDCWestchester  True #craftsmanship, not a nail or glue used in the #Asian garden at the @metmuseum #classtrip  Super in love with my new bling!  And just like that he's asleep in momma's arms... #pneumoniasucks
 Starstruck #theLEGOmovie4D #LDCWestchester  Snow day play day... #LDCWestchester #theLEGOmovie4D  Sister.  The @bonchonchicken experiment in preparation for #superbowl party!  The ship is sinking... Another one struck with pneumonia... Antibiotics for everyone!