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The @BronxZoo Children’s Zoo is Back! #NYisWild

Going to the zoo is always an adventurous experience for my kids. Being up close and personal with all of those wild animals that reside so close to home is a sight to see. My kids are always excited to take a trip to the Bronx Zoo, and now that the Children’s Zoo has re-opened it’s doors, there is even more to look forward to. The Children’s Zoo, located within the Bronx Zoo, allows even the littlest animal fans to get so close to so many unique animals that they can literally reach out and touch them. On the day that we […]

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On The Road to Emotional Self-Discovery #LifeOnFiOS

Taking some time out to explore beyond your basic emotions?  Here are our (5) Picks (in no particular order) of Movies for Emotional Self-Discovery, before Inside Out, there was: Finding Nemo – Marlin, Nemo’s Dad who superimposes his own fears on his son. Dory and her ever positive attitude! So many life lessons to be learned from your differences not defining you to just keep swimming. Brave – Merida, a girl who wants to be more than stereotypical teaches us that a girl CAN be a hero. Big Hero Six – Follow Hiro as he finds his place in the […]

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Emotional Ups and Downs of ‘Inside Out’ #FandangoFamily

Joy & Sadness

If there is one movie you should take your child to this holiday weekend, let it be Inside Out. My family and I had a chance to see a Director’s Cut during the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in April and while our preview was only 75% of the movie, it gave us so much to think about and my kids were dying to see the rest of it. When we finally got a chance to see Inside Out opening weekend, to say we were left speechless in an understatement.  It had all the beauty and wit that we have […]

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10 Best Travel Apps for A Jaunt in #NYC #VZWBuzz


Even as a native New Yorker I depend on my many apps to navigate this vast city. Always something new to check out and something new to do, I love being an explorer in my own backyard but as efficiency is key and finding a deal along the way makes it even better! STAY Need a place to stay? Download Hotel Tonight [iPhone] [Android] and find amazing last minute deals at top-rated hotels as far as 7 days out. They always have a ton of photos so you know exactly what you’re getting. Use my promo code SCHAN177 and get $25 […]

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Raising Our Pyrex Glass to Healthier Family! #Pyrex100


My family has been working really hard this year with a goal to live healthier.  With my Marcus diagnosed with Ideopathic Anaphlaxis, my Luca recently diagnosed similar allergies and other challenges, my health scares and the most recent cancer diagnosis to hit a very important member of my family, it was a major wake up call for this family to start living healthier. We made many significant changes to our diet and lifestyle but had to do so in moderation.  My husband is a strong believer that the key to success is moderation.  It’s been a slow, long process but we’ve done […]

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My UltraShape Story – Part 2: First Impressions


If you haven’t read Part I : Before I started my treatment I got a chance to sit down with Dr. Marina Peredo of Skinfluence where I am getting my treatments.  First of all, she’s gorgeous and if you’re going to take skincare advice from anyone, let it be someone you’d want to look like too. If you had to go by looks, I’d say we were in good hands but she’s got the creds to boot too.  In addition to being a board certified Dermatologist, she is also an Associate Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai training physicians on various skincare techniques […]

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Call Me Mom BUD (Baby Under Development)!


One of my dearest friends just found out she is pregnant for the very first time. I am so excited for her to embark on this journey to parenthood.  Just like any first time parent, she’s incredibly nervous and excited at the same time. She shared her news almost immediately, just shy of 5 weeks into it and I silently wished she hadn’t so soon as all the painful memories of my losses came rushing back to me. I know too much. I had to remind myself of the excitement I felt when Vin and I first found out we […]

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Skinny Fat, it’s a Real Thing – Part I #UltraShape #UltraYou


At 5 feet 4 inches tall and 125 pounds many people would guess I’m skinny.  If hidden strategically well under clothing I’d agree but I’m introducing you to the idea of skinny fat. You can be skinny and you can be fat too. At the tender age of 27, after giving birth to my first child, I weighed an amazing 112 pounds and was wearing a size 0-2 and my body… amazing!  In fact, exclusively breastfeeding had my body looking better than it did pre-pregnancy, I had those gorgeous full breastfeeding boobs! No one could tell I had a c-section. After […]

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